Security Services

Security training for business people on overseas travel

Organisations have a particular duty of care to their staff when they are working overseas and events such as the terror  attacks on the Taj Hotel (Mumbai 2008), Westgate Shopping Mall (Nairobi 2013), Jewish Museum (Brussels 2014) and in France and Tunisia in 2015 serve as poignant reminders of situations that may put our people at risk if they inadvertently find themselves in the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

Our half day inter-active workshop provides business travellers with a raised awareness about the threats that they may encounter, the measures they should take to mitigate these and, importantly, the confidence to act quickly if the need arises.  Every attendee receives a pocket-sized aide memoire and our workshops conclude with scenario-based exercises relevant to possible business travel destinations.

Our expert security consultants deliver  workshops to groups of managers in client’s offices and draw on their extensive personal experience, tempered with appropriate humour, to illustrate threats and responses.

Security survey

An expert analysis of the security environment in which a client is planning to operate or a review of current activity would be delivered in a high grade written report and, if required, in a polished presentation to an executive management team that would include recommendations for staff, site and asset security and would cover:

  • current and possible future security situation including a review of the client’s own security arrangements
  • threats to staff, assets and business operations including in-country supply chain and third party provider risks
  • shortfalls in the client’s security arrangements now and, mindful of possible changes in the situation, in the future
  • recommended security measures to enable safe and secure staff and operations.