Training in the management of a serious incident at a site that involves high risk to staff, business services and assets

Potential Clients: site operators (eg airports, port operators, hospitals, universities, exploration and extraction sites etc) and field-based NGOs at risk of industrial accident, local civil unrest, armed criminal or terrorist action or an environmental disaster.

Methodology: a one day workshop that provides the management team and, if required, the wider staff team, with situation and risk awareness and the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to cope with and survive a serious incident should it arise … workshop agenda would be:

  • awareness about the nature of serious incidents that could arise based on a specific site and their potential effect on staff, operations and assets;
  • serious incident management toolkit that includes: security and readiness states; situation monitoring mechanisms; immediate response actions to protect life, critical business operations and high value assets;
  • team and individual management roles and responsibilities;
  • information management, decision-making mechanisms and coping measures; internal and external communication plan; practical rehearsals to confirm that participants understand what to do and how to do it;
  • crisis management training and a desktop or simulation exercise can also be provided to a country management team to prepare them to execute remote management and support in event of a serious incident at an operational site.