Crisis Management Training

Executive Management Team Study Period: an event tailored to an executive management team’s needs that provides an understanding of BCM and an overview of key BCPs, an opportunity to explore a topical high impact threat and embeds a strategic toolkit to support situation analysis, information management, top-level decision-making and reputation protection during a crisis

Crisis Management Workshop: provides senior staff with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to participate as an effective member of a tactical or operational (department or site) crisis management team

Crisis Management Exercise: relevant, topical and business specific risks are brought alive in realistic simulations for the executive management team (strategic), crisis management team (tactical) and departmental / site team(s) (operational) to enable a client to practice organisational crisis management skills and rehearse response to particular high impact threats … a two tier exercise would involve two teams, such as the Executive Management Team (strategic) and the Crisis Management Team (tactical), to operate in tandem and practice live face-to-face situation briefings, strategic direction and information dissemination.

Executive Management Team Study Periods, Crisis Management Workshops and the BCM Practitioners Course all include practical exercises at each stage to confirm understanding and to enable new skills to be practiced based around the client’s own business operations and risk profile.