Contingency Planning for High Impact Threats

Client requirement: organisations need to build preparedness for specific and possibly new high impact threats that could severely disrupt their staff and operations such as:

  • widespread unrest in a potentially volatile political environment (eg Kenya elections 2007 and Arab Spring 2011)
  • major external disruption to supply chain operations due to a business critical single point of failure (eg Mombasa Port slow-down 2011 / 2012 and Uganda border closures 2010 and 2012)
  • major civil protest (eg London 2012 and Brazil 2013)
  • rapid spread of Ebola pandemic (West Africa 2014)
  • threat to staff travelling on business overseas

Methodology: we work with our clients to:

  • understand the risk by exploring the external environment within which the business may be required to operate and, importantly, how threats my intensify and spread over a period of time
  • identify specific threats to staff, business critical operations and activities, assets and reputation
  • develop a matrix of mitigation measures and contingency response actions set with a framework of clearly defined security states
  • conduct awareness training and crisis management rehearsals at all levels including participation by key third party providers and customers to ensure organisational preparedness.

Outcome: the client and their third parties are best prepared to protect their staff and assets and continue safe delivery of products and services to customers should the high impact threat manifest.