Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)

Authorship of new BCPs or refresh existing plans of all types:

Crisis Management Plan (strategic): top-level plan that sets-out how an organisation should manage any crisis and should include:

  • crisis management structure
  • team roles and members’ responsibilities
  • Concept of Operations: preparation, immediate response, crisis management and business recovery
  • CMP invocation processes and authority
  • emergency procedures (including site evacuation and emergency management arrangements)
  • external and internal contacts
  • annexes with specific plans that cover high impact risks such as: Site Denial, Civil Unrest and Pandemic.

Department and Site BCPs (operational): practical plans to be used by recovery teams at department and site level to manage the effect of an incident on their own operations and would typically include:

  • membership and responsibilities of the incident response team
  • emergency procedures and disaster recovery site operations
  • department / site specific actions to take if time critical activities (as identified in the BIA) stop operating
  • external operational stakeholder management plan including contact details of key organisations, agencies and individuals … plus department / site business critical (internal) contact details.

Contingency Plans for specific high impact risks:

Recent plans authored include: primary and secondary supply chain continuity plans; emergency input and finished product sourcing; product recall; loss of distributor; civil unrest and evacuation; dawn raid; Ebola outbreak in-country.

Crisis management structure in a large organisation

Crisis Management Structure