Supply Chain Risk Management

The Client: an international company based in Kenya that grows and processes a commodity in-country before exporting it through Mombasa or using it as an input in their manufacturing plant in Nairobi.

Project context: the Head of Primary Supply Chain (PSC) had been directed to draw-up a PSC BCP for Kenya that would serve as model template for similar country operations worldwide to adapt and populate.

Project framework: our Russell Philips Limited consultant worked closely with the client at sites in Kenya to:

  • develop a methodology to define and analyse the PSC and its tolerance at each critical stage
  • identify the threats to each critical stage and the work-around solutions
  • draft a comprehensive BCP that was fit-for-purpose
  • and submitted the draft BCP for comment, made amendments and secured the approval of the Head of PSC
  • this PSC BCP is now being used by the company to guide the design of PSC BCPs worldwide.

Note: this methodology was used to excellent effect in developing a BCP for the same client’s Secondary Supply Chain.