Security Services

Site Security in UK

The UK Client:  a high profile government office close to Westminster Abbey.

Threats: massed civil protest in Westminster or terror attack.

Project framework: following an initial on-site project brief and tour of the building, the consultant conducted a number of visits to the client to determine the physical layout, security measures in-place, threats and vulnerabilities. A report set-out the physical and human security shortcomings and provided an action plan to remedy the vulnerabilities that included improvements to technical and physical access control and surveillance and emergency response.

The Overseas Client: a global oil extraction company with a long term presence in Libya which had been closed down during the civil war in 2011.

Project context: in 2013, the client requested our consultant to conduct an assessment of the security environment in Libya and draft a report that proposed security enhancements to in-country Head Office and field operations in advance of re-starting their activities.

Project framework: the consultant received a project brief from the client and visited Libya’s major cities, the area around the oil extraction sites and the export infrastructure. Prior to departure from UK as well as in-country on a visit, the consultant sought advice and opinion from contacts in the international diplomatic community, commercial operators in the oil and gas industry and personal contacts currently delivering security operations in Libya. His comprehensive report set-out the physical and commercial security environment in Libya and made recommendations regarding how best the client’s staff and assets should be safeguarded if the project were to restart and go forward.