Crisis Management Training

Client 1 (UK): a leading building society in UK

Project: annual one day workshops provide all members (and deputies) of the Executive Management Team (EMT – strategic) and crisis management team (CMT – tactical) with a solid understanding of BCM, their own plans and practical crisis management skills.  Workshops delivered to the EMT focus on strategic (crisis management) skills such as situation awareness, defining top-level (crisis) objectives and strategic decision-making tools while training delivered to the CMT concentrates on their role of coordinating response to operational challenges.  All Workshops conclude with a (two hours duration) desktop exercise with scenarios based on realistic and topical threats, agreed with the client in advance.

Organisation-wide exercises in 2013 and 2015 required both teams to operate in tandem so as to practice real-time exchange of information and confirmed that the business is well prepared and ready to manage future challenges.

Client 2 (Kenya)East Africa Regional Office of a (FMCG) manufacturing company with export sales to 18 countries.

Project: the client had concerns about specific threats that could impact operations and wished to use crisis management workshops to understand how best to manage incidents such as: stoppage of Mombasa Port operations, loss of a key distributor, product recall, factory failure and a dawn raid by a government agency.   Our consultant designed crisis management training workshops for the relevant operational departments and delivered these to: (1) improve corporate understanding of the threats and the preparedness / response required; … and (2) to develop participants’ collective and individual skills.