Civil Unrest and Evacuation (Kenya 2017): In advance of the elections in Kenya in 2017 and earlier in 2013, and in readiness for a repeat of the extreme violence experienced in 2007/2008, our consultants worked with blue chip corporate clients in Nairobi to support their planning of detailed resilience arrangements.  The purpose of Contingency Plan 2017 (CP2017) is to secure staff (including remote field sales teams) and safeguard and ensure continuity of manufacturing operations in factories and the transportation of raw materials to Nairobi and finished products to customers across East Africa.  Crucially, the planning focussed on enabling businesses to continue to operate in spite of a potentially insecure environment.  Our consultants authored both regional-level and operational (business-unit level) contingency plans based around frameworks of security readiness states (that reflect the operating environment) and a matrix of readiness and response actions.  Training and exercises for multiple teams (strategic / tactical and tactical / operational) rehearsed the crisis management structure, prepared our clients to manage their high impact risks and tested planning assumptions and arrangements within their respective CP2017s.  Our consultants also trained our clients’ key third party service providers and customers to ensure that their plans were aligned with our clients’ critical business needs.

Protracted and violent labour dispute (South Africa 2015):  A top-level study session and desktop exercise based on the emerging threat of an extremely disruptive and (commercially) damaging labour dispute enabled our client’s Executive Management Team to explore the impact and consequences of a strike that could easily become violent and acrimonious in a benign and safe workshop environment.  Options for preparedness and response were identified and the event triggered discrete follow-on contingency planning by senior management across the organisation.

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) (East Africa 2014 / 2015): A comprehensive contingency plan set-out the stages and impact of an EVD outbreak on the (external) business operating environment in East African countries, defined the client’s business imperatives and the preparedness and response actions necessary to achieve those within the framework of a worsening situation.  Awareness about the issues and the EVD Contingency Plan was raised and response practiced by a workshop and desktop exercise at Executive Management Team level and practical operational training by EHS and Security operational staff.

Contingency Planning Event at the British High Commission in Kenya: Owners and senior managers representing 40 x companies in Kenya attended 2 x Contingency Planning Workshops in Nairobi to support their preparation for potential disruption to operations during Kenya elections. Each workshop included:

Contingency planning

  • overview of BCM
  • crisis management toolkit
  • threats to business operations and their possible impact on business operations
  • Contingency Strategy (including top-level objectives) and a detailed implementation plan with supporting security alert state matrix and guideline responses
  • a confirmatory desktop exercise based on a scenario of large scale civil disorder and business disruption