Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Date: February to May 2017

The Client: the Kenya business entity of a UK Global Corporate (FTSE 100) that imports and manufactures high value fast moving consumer goods for domestic distribution in Kenya and export throughout East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Project context: there were no Business Impact Analysis (BIA) in place … global corporate policy required the Kenya entity to complete BIAs and BCPs for Supply Chain (Manufacturing and Logistics) and Sales operations … the new Legal Director understood what was required and the benefit the BIA (and BCPs) would bring having been involved in the process in his previous appointment at another UK Global Corporate (FTSE 100) in Nairobi … that project had also been delivered by Russell Philips Limited .

Project framework: the project required our consultants to work on-site in Nairobi from February to May to:

  • develop the organisation’s understanding about BCM and, in particular, the BIA
  • secure the Executive Management Team buy-in and support for the project
  • train senior managers from all parts of the business in business continuity including the BIA process
  • facilitate workshops for departments to complete their own BIAs
  • collate the BIAs into single comprehensive Supply Chain and Sales BIAs upon which BCPs could be based
  • draft detailed business continuity plans (BCPs) for the critical processes: Supply Chain and Sales.