Russell Philips Limited

Russell Philips Limited is an international business continuity consultancy that specialises in service delivery in Africa.   Our consultants are professionally qualified with the Business Continuity Institute and have extensive practical experience of delivery of resilience services in challenging environments.  We are particularly expert in business continuity planning in the manufacturing and transport distribution sectors and our clients include the East and West Africa entities of major global corporates including some in the UK FTSE 100. 

With offices in London and Nairobi, we work with clients to build their business resilience so as to protect staff, operations, revenue, assets and reputation during a crisis.  We deliver high grade business resilience consultancy for mainly commercial clients and can operate in English and in French.  Our expertise includes the authorship of strategic and operational business continuity plans, crisis management training, supply chain risk management and contingency planning for external high impact risks such as extreme civil unrest that often accompanies elections in Africa.

Why should an organisation put business continuity plans in-place?

Even in the best managed organisation, things can go wrong and a crisis can occur.

  • fire, flood, structural damage or loss of power or water can prevent use of a core facility such as offices, factory or warehouse;
  • software malfunction or cyber-attack can deny access to business critical information systems, on-line services, website and data;
  • labour dispute, civil unrest, insecurity or fear of a disease such as Ebola that causes staff to stay away from work could seriously disrupt our workforce;
  • catastrophic failure of a critical third party provider, a major customer or the supply chain could endanger our business viability;
  • serious statutory or regulatory compliance violation could put corporate reputation at severe risk.

What business continuity arrangements does an organisation require?

When a crisis strikes, it is not enough to just manage the crisis, there is also a business to run and there may even be commercial opportunities if competitors are unable to operate.  An organisation must continue to operate its time critical activities in spite of the crisis if it is to satisfy customer expectations in a competitive market, maintain important relationships with key stakeholders including regulators and suppliers and protect revenue streams and cash flow.

To be resilient, an organisation should have in-place:

  • crisis management structure with teams and individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage the unexpected;
  • business continuity plans (BCPs) that set-out how the organisation should manage a disruption to operations if a time critical business activity does not work for whatever reason and the specific actions to be taken;
  • training and exercise regime that prepares teams and individuals in how to face a crisis and tests that BCPs are fit-for-purpose.

Our services

Business continuity management (BCM) programme advice

Business impact analysis (BIA)

Business continuity plan (BCP) authorship

Crisis management training

Business continuity exercises

Supply chain risk management

Contingency planning for high impact threats

Security services

Incident management training

Information technology resilience planning

Business continuity workshop for Chief Executives of insurance companies in Africa

Conference for Insurance CEOs (Mombasa 2014)

Workshop to help companies plan for civil unrest in advance of elections in Kenya

Contingency planning

Business continuity and emergency response planning at a mine site in Tanzania

Resilience planning at a mine site (Tanzania - 2014)

Crisis management training for senior executives in the Democratic Republic of Congo 


BCM Course to enable delegates to implement BIAs and BCPs in their own organisations